Welcome to Hostpal ™,

Hostpal ™ is based in Centurion Gauteng, South Africa. Our privately owned data cente is housed in the UK . We chose our data centre location to ensure that your data is safe and housed in a reliable power grid. Hostpal ™ has formed a partnership with cloud technology specialists in the UK to manage our company hardware in a secure datacentre with Content Delivery Network and backbone connections to South Africa.

Hostpal ™ is forged on the concept of IT & the Web Made Simple Affordable Effective ©. Hostpal ™ was founded on the principle of being ahead of the progressive technology evolution to provide new innovative technologies to our customers. Hostpal ™ offers installation and after sales services for all products supplied. Our staff and outsourced staff for high demand projects are carefully chosen for specific qualities promoted by our company. Hostpal ™ promises to always be professional, friendly, courteous, innovative and young spirited geeks.

Our brand Hostpal Games ™ is specific to the needs of serious gamers and also caters for the budget gaming market. We build custom gaming PC's and rigs.

Securipal - Advanced Security Technologies ™ caters for the high grade security needs of critical infrastructures where premium security is essential.Our team installs complete security solutions and control rooms.

We are real Geeks with a true passion for the evolution of new Technology.
It & the Web made Simple Affordable Effective.

Our Portfolio

Hostpal ™ is a dealer and supplier of top electronic / technology brands including Mecer, Toshiba, Asus, Phillips, NEC, Samsung, FUJITSU, Acer, LENOVO, TomTom, Nvidia, Sony, Gigabyte, Asus , Ncomputing and other well-known brands as indicated.

Our sound partnerships as a dealer and reseller with importers and manufacturers allow us to fill large orders for retail , hotels and casino's , airports , government, corporate entities and small businesses. We are able to supply complete systems built to customer specifications. We offer installation and infrastructure planning of all of our products supplied.

Our Hostpal Games™ brand is focused on gaming technology gadgets , PC's , Laptops , Custom Builds , gaming titles and consoles.

We offer Microsoft licensing. OEM and DSP Licensing.
Our range includes POS - Point of Sale products such as Posiflex.
Network supplies with installation - D-Link, miniflex fiber cables.

Securipal Advanced Security Technology Solutions ™ division include the installation and sales of high quality brands like American Dynamics, HIKVISION, Bosch, Grundig, Kantech, and others.

Our product portfolio is not limited but our popular range includes 3D Printers, PC Desktop sets built to specifications, All in one systems , Server racks and servers, CCTV, Security Electronics, Biometrics, Server Software, Network systems and components, Laptops and Tablets, Gaming Consoles and Gaming Technology Gadgets. Custom PC Builds and components.

Hostpal is a dealer and supplier of top brands