Our Brands Portfolio

Our team installs and design modern networks. Since we are able to supply clients directly with electronics it reduces costs drastically.

We are experienced in setting up and designing Electronic Security Infrastructures / Biometrics / Control Rooms / Control Centres.

Our expertise extends to office set ups , server and datacentre infrastructures using cloud technology and virtualization.

Hostpal ™ is a dealer and supplier of top electronic / technology brands including Mecer, Toshiba, Asus, Phillips, NEC, Samsung, FUJITSU, Acer, LENOVO, TomTom, Nvidia, Sony, Gigabyte, Asus and other well-known brands.

Our sound partnerships with importers and manufacturers allow us to fill large orders for government, corporate entities and small businesses. We are able to supply complete systems built to customer specifications. Our Hostpal Games ™ division builds Gaming PC sets for serious gamers. We also expanding in the gaming market by selling top gaming titles and consoles.

Securipal Advanced Security Technology Solutions ™ division include the installation and sales of brands like American Dynamics, HIKVISION, Bosch, Grundig, Kantech, and others.

We offer Microsoft licensing. OEM and DSP Licensing.
Our range includes POS - Point of Sale products such as Posiflex.
Network supplies with installation - D-Link, miniflex fiber cables.
Security Technology Solutions include American Dynamics, HIKVISION, Bosch, Grundig, Kantech, and others.
Our product portfolio includes complete 3D Printers, PC Desktop Complete sets built to specifications, Server racks and servers, CCTV, Security Electronics, Biometrics, Server Software, Network systems and components, Laptops and Tablets, Gaming Consoles and Gaming Technology Gadgets.

Custom PC Builds and components.

Hostpal is a dealer and supplier of top brands