Graphic Design Services

Hostpal Studios ™ designs graphics from small to large scale professional formats. Hostpal Studios ™ complete corporate branding packages are perfect for companies who wish to build their brand to be relevant and distinctive. Hostpal Studios ™ designs include custom menus, brochures, banners, billboard advertising, company logos, business cards, flyers, product packaging and more. Our team designs graphics tailored to specific requirements. Hostpal Studios™ give customers at least 10 variations of a concept to choose from before the final draft is signed off. This allows customers to see the potential variations of a single concept or design prior to completion. Our graphic design service is focused on the design and the identity of a brand or concept through proper research. Our approach is to bring to life what is envisioned by our clients and to ensure that the identity is relevant to the brand or Business presence of products, services of a company.


Scalability. Control. Performance with less impact on the enviroment

Cloud Hosting Simplified. From using only SSD drives in our SAN, it reduces power and cooling needs to be a green and environmentally friendly service.