Digital Distribution

Hostpal Video Streamer™ platform promotes video content owners to deploy and monetise video content to end-users. Hostpal Video Streamer™ is a complete solution for Live Streaming, Transcoding, Video On Demand, Pay per view , DRM , Recording, Geo-Blocking features on a secure platform solution that scales up fast (Grows) without configuration headaches. Our Video Content Delivery Network platform provides an easy to use control panel. Hostpal Video Streamer™ insures a worldwide Points of Presence (POPS) with a reliable fast content delivery to end users .Hostpal Video Streamer™ will get your streaming video content to your audience. Hostpal Video Streamer™ provides Video Streaming to smartphones ,tablets , Android, iOS and Roku and Flash with instant set up is a complete innovative solution. Users can also view content on Flat Screen TV or certain models of older sets using HDMI TV sticks or IPTV set up boxes from the web. Hostpal VideoStreamer™ is reliable only pay for actual usage. Start with a Basic Live Account with US, EU or Asia-Pacific origin. Now available in South Africa.

Hostpal Video Streamer™ Platform Features
Client’s incoming streams are always free. Hostpal ™ does not charge for "viewers", "connections", or "hours".
Simply pay for the features, the storage, and the data streamed out in a month.
Multi-gigabit scale on a non-contract, pay-as-you-go basis to international clients.
Stable, reliable HLS and RTMP streaming with Global Server Load Balancing for Roku channel, VOD, live video streaming, or custom.
Hostpal ™ Video streaming Made Simple Affordable Effective ©. No expensive licensing, server and network management
Add features like transcoding, recording, channel, or pay per view. Premium quality, high-scale, geo-dns video streaming services.
Customer Control panel for easy get set up, streaming, get your player, view see stats on usage, viewers and streams.

Scalability. Control. Performance with less impact on the enviroment

Cloud Hosting Simplified. From using only SSD drives in our SAN, it reduces power and cooling needs to be a green and environmentally friendly service.