Security Systems - Access Control Systems

Securipal – Advanced Security Technologies™ offers a complete security solution allowing us to plan and install an entire spectrum of products at our disposal at a fraction of the cost since we have direct partnerships as a reliable reseller and importer. All warranty and product repairs are supported by us and our partners. Products installed and sold by Hostpal – Securipal – Advanced Security Technologies™
Our range includes.
  1. CCTV Cameras
  2. Speed Domes
  3. Access Control Systems
  4. IP-Surveillance Systems
  5. DVR & NVR Systems
  6. Accessories
We plan and install complete solutions for Corporate entities, banks, retail, airports and casinos, Hotel industries, National Key Points, Government Installations and High Security Areas where reliable security is critical.
Products Sold by Hostpal -Securipal Advanced Security Technologies include

Surveillance Brands -
  1. American Dynamics,
  2. Axxon.
  3. Bosch.
  4. Grundig.
  5. Mobotix.
  6. HKvision

Access Control brands
  1. Atech.
  2. Kantech.
  3. Virdi
Some of our popular products sold are:


  1. ATEC’s book in a cloud is a Visitor Management System centred around a wireless, handheld device which scans the vehicle registration and drivers license. This information is stored on a hosted server only accessible to authorized personnel, forming a secure log of all visitors who enter and exit the premises. All solutions are accompanied by a Service Level Agreement ensuring efficiency is maintained throughout the duration of the agreement.
  2. AC2100HRF - The AC 2100H is an entry level Biometric Terminal from ViRDI. It is utilized in areas where common biometric access is required with a moderate amount of users and utilized in conjunction with the Vertical Robust Enclosure can be used externally as it has an IPx3 rating The AC 2100H is available in 125KHz RFID or 13.56MHz Smart Card models
    * 128 x 64mm Monochrome Screen
    * 1 500 Card Users
    * Maximum 1 500 fingerprint users (1: N)
    * 5 000 Event Log
    * 1 / 1 000 1: N fingerprint template comparison in under 1 sec
    * USB-mini Port for Up and Downloading of Log Files and Users
    The AC 2100H connects to the UNIS Access Control and Template Management software suite for full Access Control, T&A and Meal Management Functionality via Structured Premise Cabling (Cat 5a or Cat6) and a TCP/IP network
    Read More Here
  3. GPS-A0015A - The Aladdin security camera from Grundig offers a unique solution to high risk assets such as ATMs and communal letter boxes. The Aladdin is hidden inside an LED lamp and as such is undetectable. The premium micro-camera is very compact and can be installed in virtually any location without being recognized as a camera. Most vandals and thieves try and damage CCTV cameras at high risk locations, such as ATMs. If this occurs, CCTV evidence is usually impossible to obtain. The Aladdin, however, is rarely targeted because it is not recognized as a camera. It will therefore continue to record events. If the Aladdin is installed alongside a false or low-cost camera, criminals target the false camera but remain unaware that the Aladdin is recording their actions.
    Every location at risk of vandalism can benefit from the Aladdin camera solution. Vandals and thieves can be identified and prosecuted using Aladdin’s high quality video images as evidence.
  4. Victor Command Centre - The Victor Command Center lets you build your own security operation center. Manage thousands of cameras and multiple locations, and create video walls using standard PCs. Now you can communicate and share information between operators.

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