Hostpal's VPS in the Cloud running on OnAPP provides faster speeds , automatic failover and backups. VPS Premium Packages.

Our VPS is more cost-effective than a traditional dedicated server with all the functionality, including a dedicated operating system providing you with full root/administrator. We have full control over our own platform to provide you with clear end to end support. OnAPP Cloud is not reliant on any single piece of hardware therefore you benefit from a massive 99.99% uptime.Your CPU and RAM are dedicated to your VPS, we do not over-sell or share your resource. You can dynamically and without downtime increase / decrease your VPS specification on-demand. Daily OnApp backups of your VPS to external storage, again at no extra cost, allowing you to roll back your server to a recent backup in the event of a major failure. We manage your Cloud VPS, you won't need to worry about disruptive upgrades or downtime

Choose a Cloud VPS Plan

11 Scalable plans with free upgrades and downgrades as your needs change.

Create Your Account

We set up a user interface.Sit back and choose a platform. We manage the rest.

Launch your VPS

Choose from Linux and Windows Operating Systems or Cpanel.

Disk Space
TIER 1 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 1 Core CPU 1 GB RAM 25 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R175.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 2 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 1 Core CPU 2 GB RAM 50 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R275.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 3 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 1 Core CPU 3 GB RAM 75 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R300.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 4 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 2 Core CPU 4 GB RAM 100 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R520.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 5 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 2 Core CPU 5 GB RAM 125 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R620.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 6 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 2 Core CPU 6 GB RAM 150 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R780.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 7 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 2 Core CPU 7 GB RAM 175 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R860.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 8 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 3 Core CPU 8 GB RAM 200 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R1,035.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 9 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 3 Core CPU 9 GB RAM 250 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R1,205.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 10 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 4 Core CPU 10 GB RAM 300 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R1,460.00 pm ORDER NOW
TIER 11 DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU 6 Core CPU 11 GB RAM 512 GIG Unlimited Fixed at R2,065.00 pm ORDER NOW
CUSTOM DELL 2.9GHz Xeon CPU Choose Cores CPU Choose GB RAM Choose GIG Unlimited Request Price ASK NOW

Scalability. Control. Performance with less impact on the enviroment

From using only SSD drives in our SAN, it reduces power and cooling needs to be a green and environmentally friendly service.

Fast & simple

Increase or decrease your VPS specification on-demand across 11 plans. We do not charge for upgrades or downgrades or set up fees at Hostpal.

Control Panel

cPanel or Webmin Resources like processors, RAM and disk space will be under your control, as well as you having root access.  

SSD storage

Our SSD-powered storage is centralized in a highly available 10Gbe Storage Area Network (SAN). 

24/7 support

Easily send support tickets from your client user interface and we will respond to ensure your needs are attended to 24 /7